We are Still Hunter-Gatherers

I visited a girlfriend at her home to catch up. While talking about a new store that opened in our town, she suddenly got an

A remarkable teacher's kindness made all the difference

Mrs. Mochan asked me to stay after school. What had I done? I recently whispered more to other students and was less attentive. I worried for the rest of that eternal day that she would have me carry a note home. No note. She reached in her drawer and handed me the necklace.

Johnny came home

By Leslie Dunn My friend Amy appeared worn out and unkempt. Then I saw her shaking hands and her red, grim face. I did not

Hey, Big Spender!

Paying down his debt, my son learned that a credit limit and making minimum payments feels like wearing cement shoes in a pit of quicksand. Still occasionally he’d bring out the card for new purchases, and I’d pull out my book. “Awwww, Mom, can’t you let me put it on credit without writing it down?”

The best bad one

I had bullied the man before, just as I had so many others. And I had been threatened before, with knives and busted bottles. But


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